Vigil is the cloud backed asset inspection tool in your pocket

It uses a clever combination of machine vision, cloud computing, machine learning and other little bits of genius to ensure your team is inspecting the right thing, in the right place in the right way - All while eliminating clutter, confusion and hours of admin time. 

Vigil (in the hands of a human) will inspect nearly anything - but it really shines when inspecting lots of similar things.
EDBs (Electrical Distribution Companies), Telcos and municipal services providers all have similar needs when it comes to regularly visiting, inspecting and documenting assets spread out in the field. 
Ensuring inspections are performed correctly and to a set standard is critical both to network performance, reliability and regulatory compliance requirements.

We built Vigil as a platform product. 
It supports and hold a lot of our mobile optimised machine vision knowhow and IP. 

It's a fully fledged product you can sign up for right now!

Head over to the Vigil Website and find out how.