BAP Welcome page

You'd be amazed at what you don't know

The BAP (Business Assets Platform) was born through a partnership with Fresh Perspective Leadership Ltd.

It functions as a living mind map of all the little bits of business information floating around fellow subscriber businesses in your region - as well as your own.
The BAP accepts snippets of information from users through any device - processes it through an AI powered backend and categorises it accordingly.

In the background - the BAP works through all the information it has on hand and works out how it fits into everything else.

When users query the BAP, it interprets the sentiment and context around both their query and all the possible responses - and presents the results in a visually beautiful, intuitive and dynamic way. 

Users can explore various connections, pop open summaries of more extensive results and work their way towards the answer they need. 

The BAP is all about helping good people do better business.

It's currently in pre-release testing before heading out to it's first, wider beta deployment into the Hawkes Bay buiness community.