A selection of our projects below gives you an impression of the types of clients we work with and the solutions we have put in place. Don’t recognise your business model in any of these examples, but your gut tells you we can boost your business? You are probably right. Don’t hesitate – Get in touch today.



Only the finest hides, held to the highest standard, are good enough for NZLL's sophisticated clientele. This made grading the hides a time-consuming and costly process...  


Manco Rail

The lowbed Transporter 1250  needed a reliable yet simple control system that was both rail code compliant and easy to operate. Mindhive developed a custom... 

SCSL Site Photo.JPG

Silt Control Solutions

Within construction & earthworks, erosion and sediment control is a delicate process. The optimal use of flocculant is a challenge Silt Control Solutions deals with every day...

Alsco Underground.jpg

Alsco Dunedin

The best automated commercial laundry system we developed (pre-Mindhive) was still going strong for Alsco Dunedin. However, it was time for an upgrade. 


Manco Engineering

Manco supplies New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands with highly innovative equipment in the waste and refuse collection domain. Rather than one standalone solution...