Traceability has become a centralised goal for tanneries, tannery clients, tannery working groups and associated government bodies alike.

Model V Traceability is Mindhive’s unique solution developed for the leather industry. With Model V, customers of tanneries can trace hides as far back as the farm gate or feed lot. Combined with Model V Grading, Traceability offers a true end-to-end solution driven by sustainability and innovation.


Why choose Model V Traceability

Mindhive Traceability is the ideal solution for challenging tannery environments. Fast and accurate, it is a game changer for the leather industry.
Why choose Model V Traceability


  • Integrates with existing operations
  • High-speed laser ID marking
  • High error tolerance
  • Incorporates data from farm gate or feedlot
  • Dedicated app to scan ID and access data for each hide

The smart tannery

Model V is a key asset for innovation-driven tanneries. Deployed on production lines, it integrates with other enterprise systems – providing a seamless solution to grading and tracing leather hides.

Traceability: how it works

Traceability: how it works

Mindhive’s Traceability module captures and securely stores data from farm gate through to finished product. Grading output and images generated by Model V are automatically included. Users access this data via a dedicated app, provided by Mindhive. This app scans the ID on each hide, delivering end-to-end transparency.

Mindhive signs first contract for Traceability

Grading that lifts your game

Grading that lifts your game

Model V Grading combines artificial intelligence and machine vision to automate the grading of hides. It is customised to tannery-specific criteria, assessing key features that determine the grading output.

Tasman goes live with Model V for complex grading of cattle hides

More about Mindhive Grading

Mindhive’s Grading solution enables tanneries to automate their grading to an optimal speed and quality, eliminating the risk of human error. The below video is an example of a Mindhive Grading deployment, at Tasman Tannery in New Zealand:

Client Testimonial