The tannery industry is rapidly scoping out the technologies that will future proof their business – and the industry in its entirety. Mindhive offers two key solutions to help transform the tannery industry. Model V Grading is the AI-powered automatic grading solution that fits into existing tannery environments. Leathertracer offers the highly requested traceability in its most efficient, robust form while providing internal transparency. Combined, these two solutions set the tone for your tannery of the future.

Evolving and scaling with your business

Model V is a key asset for innovation-driven tanneries. Deployed on production lines, it integrates with other enterprise systems – providing a seamless solution to grading and tracing leather hides.

Model V Grading

  • Reduce grading cost by reducing headcount
  • Improve grading accuracy by removing human subjectivity / inconsistency
  • Optimise speed while capturing every detail
  • Increase transparency and flexibility
  • Streamline related processes
  • Mitigate health & safety risks


  • A unique, error-tolerant ID recorded on each hide
  • Less than 5 seconds to mark each hide through the hair
  • Capture data from farm gate through to finished product
  • Capture grading data and images produced by the Model V Grading solution
  • Read the ID and view traceability data with the Mindhive app
  • Safe storage of data in a secure database

The smart tannery

Mindhive partners with tanneries looking to embrace smart technology that will propel their business forward. With Mindhive Model V Grading, tanneries have full visibility on the true value of every hide while maintaining optimal speed of processing. With Leathertracer, tanneries finally have a robust answer to traceability. Both solutions help tanneries, as well as the leather industry as a whole, better arm themselves with accurate and transparent data.

Grading with AI precision

Grading with AI precision

The precision of grading requires a highly trained eye to be able to detect every blemish or mark. This makes AI (Artificial Intelligence) an outstanding match for the task. The AI in Model V Grading is trained to identify the smallest of features – some undetectable even to the human eye.

Optimise the value of your hides and see rejects drop – all whilst your customer receives exactly what he ordered.

Mindhive demonstrates finished leather grading at Fashion World Tokyo

Leathertracer: robust, fast and accurate

Leathertracer: robust, fast and accurate

In less than 5 seconds, Mindhive Leathertracer lasers an error-tolerant mark through the hair. The alphanumeric code allows easy access to the underlying data, even if only partially visible, with the dedicated App.

Capture heritage and add Model V Grading data to the Leathertracer database. Collectively, they are the key to internal insights as well as external transparency.

Mindhive signs first contract for Traceability

The power of 2

Benefit from significant advantages by deploying both Model V Grading and Leathertracer. Include grading information in the Leathertracer database, make this available to your customers and avoid any confusion or dispute around order fulfilment. This means you can focus on the pleasant and revenue-generating sides of the relationship.

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