Our smart AI-driven solutions are custom-made for our clients. However, they are built to a standard often applicable to a multitude of enterprises. Use our existing infrastructure of unique products and accelerate your data into opportunity.

Consumer Insights


Model Q

Model Q, is a gem of a product and ready for you off our shelf. Particularly Quick Service Restaurants, or QSR’s, greatly benefit from Model Q: it captures their entire drive-thru process and converts this data to valuable insights into customer behaviour. Let Model Q do the learning and unleash your data like never before.  


Quick Service Restaurants, or any Food & Beverage drive-thru, with a need to optimise speed of audience throughput - while maximising turnover.  


Our Neural Network powered, real time video analytics engine monitors everything happening around your restaurant, crunches the numbers and streams high value data directly to your favourite POS or restaurant management application. 

 Asset Intelligence 

vigil Screenshot.png

Model V

Meet the little genius of the family: Model V, the asset inspection tool in your back pocket. Fully cloud backed and a quick learner (AI), this product will make inspections a breeze. It uses custom AI to process video inspections, by highlighting key areas of concern. Model V streamlines inspector workflows, cuts inspection times and automates report generation.   


Any business or government entity regularly performing inspections of a large number of assets in the field.


AI assistance boosts speed and efficiency of your inspections, delivering the benefits of 100% data accuracy and reliability.