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Real problem solvers are measured by solutions they find - and by how well they implement them 

Have a look at a selection of our past and present projects and products to get a feel for the challenges we've faced and the impact we've made on the businesses we've dealt with.



NZLL Drums.jpg
NZLL Grading Floor
Graded Skin
NZLL Grader
NZLL Grading team
Grading Displays

No country for vegetarians

NZLL is one of the finest produces of light leather in the world. New Zealand is unique in that we're one of the few countries that farms deer. NZs raw materials (when it comes to deer leather) are some of the finest out there - a fact that NZLL takes full advantage of.

Prada, Hermes and our own Deadly Ponies are some of its better known customers. 
Every year tonnes of beautifully finished leather is shipped overseas, ready to be turned into everything from high fashion clothing to exquisite gloves - but it all has to start somewhere.

Making the finest leather in the world all starts with only the best selected raw materials. 
NZLL had a challenge to resolve when it came to consistently grading leather in the initial stages of production. 

We built an ultra high resolution camera system and a machine learning driven digital grading system to take years of know how and distill it into a consistently applied set of rules.

Our grading system is now in operation full time - passing judgement on 1000s of skins a day as they head towards some of the most prized handbags in the world.

NZLL was the first big break at Mindhive - and we'll never forget it.




Vigil is the cloud backed asset inspection tool in your pocket

It uses a clever combination of machine vision, cloud computing, machine learning and other little bits of genius to ensure your team is inspecting the right thing, in the right place in the right way - All while eliminating clutter, confusion and hours of admin time. 

Vigil (in the hands of a human) will inspect nearly anything - but it really shines when inspecting lots of similar things.
EDBs (Electrical Distribution Companies), Telcos and municipal services providers all have similar needs when it comes to regularly visiting, inspecting and documenting assets spread out in the field. 
Ensuring inspections are performed correctly and to a set standard is critical both to network performance, reliability and regulatory compliance requirements.

We built Vigil as a platform product. 
It supports and hold a lot of our mobile optimised machine vision knowhow and IP. 

It's a fully fledged product you can sign up for right now!

Head over to the Vigil Website and find out how.



Prism screenshot.png
Prism Logo

Find out what you don't know

Any organisation with more than a few hundred assets knows that keeping track of everything becomes a very expensive, very serious task, very quickly.
As a forward thinking lines company, Unison knows that as well as anyone.
With a geographically large and electrically diverse network covering distribution through to communications channels they were looking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to managing asset inspection data - particularly data coming from helicopter aerial inspections.

Processing and acting on aerial inspection data is about to become a whole lot more complicated as operators move from expensive, human laden helicopters to fast, lightweight and cheap drone based operations.

Helicopter inspections form a complete data capture picture - with asset inspectors riding in the aircraft inspecting assets as they fly above them. 
A data entry person captures faults and issues as the travel and submits any issues found along the way to the asset intelligence team back in the office.

As lines companies, telcos and national grid providers embrace UAV based inspections the workflow needs to change dramatically.

Prism is a cloud deployed aerial survey data processing platform. It ingests aerial survey data, in Video, LiDAR or photographic format and matches it with a GIS based map of a utilities assets. Each detected asset can be inspected from it's relative portion of the video - and any faults can be passed on to be rectified.

Such a simple concept belies the tricky business under the hood. 
We run a number of processes to attempt to detect an asset from video meta data, AI based recognition, aircraft position and linear processing. 



Fingerburger demo.png
Fingermark - prototype

Knowledge is power

We've partnered with Fingermark Global - world leaders in specialist outdoor signage for the QSR industry (industry jargon for fast food).

Our goal is to provide QSRs with ultra rich data about their customers - particularly the 70% of their customers that use drive-thrus.

We're working together to create and implement a collection of machine vision and AI based supplementary technologies to complement their existing products. Super cutting edge technologies and some way-out-of-the-box thinking are in play here. Watch this space. 



Manco Yard.jpg
Manco MD3 Example

Picking up trash with science

We have been working closely with Manco since day one (for us). Mindhive was founded while Dion was embedded within Manco. We're behind almost every control system in production with applications all through their line of refuse and recycling vehicles.

We used advanced control techniques to ensure Mancos products are as easy to commission, tune and service as possible. We also took steps to provide solid diagnostics, remote connectivity options and implemented clever automation to operator fatigue, reduce mechanical wear and improve safety. 

We designed everything from the CAN based control software, the electrical systems that interface it to the real world and the looms that tie it all together. 
Manco continues to manufacture and provide tier 1 support for their electrical and control systems in-house, only reaching out to us for the odd add, move or change as needed.

Manco supplies the NZ domestic market, Australia and the Pacific Islands with their innovative, robust and reliable waste and refuse collection equipment. 




Keeping cool under pressure

FPG design and manufacture refrigerated cabinets for the world market. They're behind the fit outs of many familiar brands you probably pass every day.

FPG were interested in gathering rich data from their network of deployed refrigerated cabinets as well as offering advanced control and diagnostics to users and technicians in the field.

We developed a series of prototypes for them that created a interface for a variety of sensors and I/O devices. Essentially the internet of commercial fridges (we were into IoT before it was cool...).

The prototypes showed that FPGs products were more robust, and less prone to failure than anyone thought - even in the harshest of conditions. 
The project has since evolved within FPG to be the backbone of a more modular design of fridges - all festooned with sensors, smart lighting control and clever diagnostics and data capture systems.



Alsco Washer - wrecking ball
Alsco Logo

We love dirty laundry - to a point

Damon Maria and Nick Virtue built one of the first fully integrated commercial laundry control systems just over 20 years ago (1995).

At the time, it was one of the best automated commercial laundries out there - and it still is.
ALSCO Dunedin approached us to update their control hardware - in a single weekend.

Unbelievably, the original hardware (plus or minus the odd spare part) was still running after all those years - albeit under a cozy coating of lint.

Due to the existing hardware being well beyond its original expected EOL, and long since out of production, we had to find away to join old to new.

Dion and Damon worked together to design and build a square peg for an old hole.
The resulting control system interfaces with all of the original control output gear, hosts the original application (updated for modern equipment) all runs on modern hardware.

We continue to support ALSCO from a technical perspective - with additional modernisation works already in planning.




Keep the wheels turning

Manco rail needed an innovative, rugged and hyper reliable control system for its specialist transporter 1250 - currently in service in Malaysia.

We developed a custom application and electrical system for the build to support and control all the operational processes such as: lighting, motion control, safety, automation, logging, engine management and diagnostics.

The 1250 has been in service for over 5 years without a hitch - and should be gliding round Malaysias rail network, carrying and lifting all sorts of heavy loads, for quite a while to come.

We've also developed bespoke controllers for other Manco rail projects. Everything from hi-rail excavators to hi-rail support and scissor trucks.