Mindhive began as a total accident - with an appropriately trashy origin story.

Dion Bettjeman set out to solve a set of problems in the waste industry - orbiting around the challenges associated with collating data about the volume of waste and recycling being collected by municipalities.
Having spent a couple of years embedded in engineering companies specialising in the manufacture of waste and recycling collection vehicles (garbage trucks), he spotted the possibility of reading harmonics within hydraulics systems to indirectly measure mass, or weight, of trash cans, wheelie bins, passing cyclists etc.

That idea was soon fed into a business incubator - chewed over - and spat out the other side.
The result was a business no longer focussed on a single problem - but built to solve problems for just about every industry out there.

Just diving in and solving problems as a model, in itself, is fraught with problems - but that's OK. The team here are all problem solvers at heart. 
We recruited the most creative developers from the start - and workshopped our way (over the course of several years) to the business we are today.

We're now out there solving the biggest, grizzliest and complex problems our customers can throw at us in locations ranging from the very bottom of NZ to Australia, South East Asia, the wider US and Europe.
(We're still working on getting to Africa - watch this space)