Our innovation thrives in data-rich environments. In any industry, there are areas where our products would add value. We highlight some below to give you a sense of direction. Rule of thumb: if you are looking to incorporate smart data solutions and stay ahead in your field, we probably have an answer. 


Food & Beverage

Fast Food Restaurants, or Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), are known to excel through a combination of sharp pricing and fast service. At some point, methods of boosting sales further might seem exhausted - until Mindhive comes in.

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Commercial transport deals with fleets, great distances, safety and time constraints. Mindhive has a proven understanding of this industry and can offer improving solutions leading to optimal control systems, better safety, and overall efficiency.



Industrial processing companies, especially those in primary industries, often deal with various forms of grading the produce or product matter. Consistent quality is key to delivering the quality their clients expect. Solution: fully automate your grading and have this machine learning tool take your grading to a scientific level.

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Various flows of data are inherent to the retail industry. Capturing the behaviour of your audience, systems or equipment – and translating this to better offerings or processes: it could change your business forever.

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Service Providers

Many, geographically spread assets require regular inspections and possibly maintenance to secure continuity of operations. A huge cost component for most service providers; who rely on these assets for the provision of their services. Mindhive has a proven solution to this challenge – it reduces overhead and provides greater, more accurate feedback on your assets.