Tailored Industrial Technologies
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Always solve the most important problem first.
The rest will wait.


The Rules for Thinking Outside the Box

When it comes to solving problems commercially – process is king.

Read on to find out how we do what we do, how we do it so sustainably and why everything we do is built to last.


What's really going on here?

NZLL Grading Floor

Our customers come to us with a problem within their processes or activities.
Sometimes they have it bang on, well defined, clearly articulated and backed up with the right data to prove it. Sometimes.

More often than not that, just isn't the case. 

Getting a handle on the real, root cause of a problem is always easier with a fresh set of eyes. Our eyes. 
We generally insist on a discovery process – either in partnership with the client or conducted independently.
Discovery isn't about proving there is, or isn't a problem – it's about understanding what's causing it, how that affects surrounding processes and the business as a whole.
Discovery is also the time to ask the hard questions around whether a problem is worth solving in the first place. It might be nice to have but does it make commercial sense?


How bad are we talking?

Damon getting the real story

Working out the real impact of a problem flows on naturally from discovery. 
A solid grasp of the effect the problem is having on your business forms the benchmark from which all else is gauged.

Any solution needs to be measured against the status quo.
We need to be sure we can quantify a result before we start the fix.
We need to know what great looks like before we begin.


Do something about it

Nothing good (in our industry) ever happens without a decent plan.
A decent plan is rarely the first plan.

We tend to get the problems others can't deal with – or couldn't deal with in the past. 
That normally comes about because said problems need solutions that just aren't available off the shelf, haven't been thought of yet, or are just plain hard. 

Tackling the above is all about putting tech to work in ways no one's thought of before. 
Our engineers, technicians and researchers are all riding the wave of bleeding edge tech. We live and breathe it. 
If it's shiny, new, proven, commercially viable – and we're confident we can make it work for an application we've come across – you can bet we're already trying it.

We find the best solutions for a problem as quickly and efficiently as we can.
We draw on our collective pool of domain knowledge, specialists experience and intuition to come up with a selection of ideas to test. 
Many of them will fail in practice. But they'll fail quickly and cheaply, getting us closer to a solution we can stand behind as a clear, tested, winner.


Make it real

If we can drag a problem through to step 3 we're in business.
The winning solution is dusted off, stripped down and put back together in a robust, scalable production environment.

We build everything using a continuous testing process to make sure we have systems, platforms and infrastructure we can support and rely on – so you can too.

Deploying some super clever piece software in the cloud is fine - but your new high performance leather grader, rock crusher, inspection system, optimised industrial Laundry, locally hosted AI or whatever needs to work in the real world - and make you (more) money while it's doing it.

We're just as committed to the delivery of the physical elements that make up our solutions as we are to the wispy cloudy bits.
Depending on the environment, your organisation's internal capabilities and the many and varied regulations that might govern your space, we'll either be there with you when the switch is thrown - or we'll make sure the right people are there.


Make it last

What happens after the big unveiling is largely a combination of how our clients organisations work - and what's important to them going forward.
We offer all sorts of support - everything from on demand support through to fully managed, proactively monitored full maintenance programs.

All of our physically deployed solutions now come pre enrolled on our class leading inspection platform, Vigil. We can manage the managers who manage your inspection, maintenance and service teams - give you reports on how well your plant and equipment (even the bits we didn't make) is being looked after - and tell you when and how you need to act, before the wheels/belts/blades/buttons fall off.


STEP 6 (Sometimes)
Do it all again


It might sound crazy, but if your organisation has had the problem we just solved - you can bet others in your field have it too. Why not sell it to them and explore a new revenue stream.

Almost 60% of our clients go on to become partners in joint ventures, as licensors or channel partners.
We have plenty of experience in taking custom solutions we've built for specific purposes, turning then into products and taking them to market in conjunction with or on behalf of our customers.