Front gate ANPR

Who's that and how long have they been here

Based in Canada, Graymont are a global quarry and burnt lime processing operator in the Industrial lime space. Their Te Kuiti site is the largest Limestone quarry in NZ and, due to the scale of operations, requires a large number of bulk delivery trucks coming and going from the site.

Graymonts commitment to quick turnaround times motivated them to commission a system aimed at benchmarking their advertised SLAs as well as monitoring traffic flow.

We investigated various OCR options but, due to the nature and condition of the plates typically seen at the gate, we opted for a custom built, AI powered number plate recognition system (LPR to everyone else).

Our system uses some sophisticated computer vision processes to detect plates - which it then forwards to a cloud based AI processor. 

Plates are read and logged - with all the relevant data displayed on a dashboard available from anywhere, on any device.