21 May 2021

Model Q – Process Inspection

What is the most exciting part of your role?

The optimised AI algorithm for imaging AI is not only based on people or objects to be inspected, but also an optimal environment for imaging, including camera sensors, network, and edge computers. The most exciting part of my role is that we can realise what the customer wishes to do by merging Mindhive’s technology and our ability to propose and build systems as an IT solution vendor.

What Japanese industries do you feel (would) benefit most from Model Q solutions, and why?

The Japanese society is ageing, and the working population is decreasing every year. In other words, operation processes of various industries that used to stand on abundant labor force is changing little by little. At the same time, since IT has become a commodity, most information can be instantly obtained. For instance, when a clothing store is understaffed, the store cannot offer enough service to the customers. If there is enough staff, they can keep an eye on the details and ask customers, “Is there anything you are looking for?” This problem can be solved by analyzing the traffic flow and the customer’s gesture using imaging AI. Furthermore, this data can be used to analyze the customer’s likings, which leads to designing shop displays and developing advertisements based on predictions. Stores can offer better service by immediately analysing and processing the current situation and utilising marketing methods based on prediction. Model Q can majorly contribute to society because it not only benefits apparel business, but also various industries including manufacturing, food and beverages, and security industries. Model Q has a high optimisation processing throughput with a great application performance that enables a highly accurate inspection.

What is your vision on the future of technology in Japan?

Technology is rapidly and elaborately progressing, and the Japanese market has room to greatly benefit from that. The labour environment will change with a drastic speed, supporting further innovation in technology.

Shinji Yokoyama, Executive Officer and Deputy Chief Operation Officer to the CEO of Rikei Corporation, is in charge of the system solutions and electronic parts and machines department. He has been focusing on the business development of state-of-the-art technologies in the field of electronics with partners both in Japan and overseas for over 30 years, including his experience residing abroad.

More on Model Q

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