28 January 2021

Mindhive presents at webinar Leather and Hide Council of America

On 14 January, Mindhive presented its tannery solutions at a webinar organised by the Leather & Hide Council of America. The extensive presentation covered both Model V Grading & Traceability and was attended by 60+ executives in the leather, tannery and meat industries. The second presenter during the webinar was Leather Naturally, talking about its Metcha campaign, which continues to grow its success.

After the webinar, Mindhive was approached by several parties wanting to learn more about the tannery innovations Mindhive offers, as they saw the added value both Grading and Traceability, as well as their integration, could offer their business.

If you have missed the webinar but would like to check it out, follow the link below for the full recording on the website of the Leather & Hide Council of America:


Mindhive deploys integrated hardware and software solutions at innovative tanneries. These solutions automate grading, lifting accuracy to optimal levels and dropping reject rates. They also mark hides with a unique ID – enabling the tracing of the hide with the purpose of transparency (marketing) as well as internal optimisation (tracing hides can make certain tannery processes superfluous) and cost reduction.

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