13 February 2020

Government boost for Rikei partnership

The Rikei/Mindhive partnership has been boosted with the recent launch of a Japanese government subsidy. Those small to medium-sized Japanese businesses interested in deploying a Mindhive solution, can apply for a JPY 10 million (approximately NZD 152,000) subsidy towards this deployment. With Rikei facilitating the application process, this enables rapid deployment of both Model V and Model Q in a variety of sectors across Japan.

Rikei Corporation discovers leading-edge systems that provide optimal solutions to customers’ needs. One of Rikei’s core new focus areas is AI. As such, collaborating with Mindhive was a tactical decision. Mindhive provides a solution that strengthens Rikei’s position in AI platform services, while Rikei offers a strong channel to market for Mindhive. Read more